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We started as a one man job shop and have steadily expanded as the need arises. We focus on precision work and strive to produce the highest quality product. While our roots are in job shop work, we have brought the problem solving capabilities associated with that over to the production work as well. We pride ourselves on our consistent ability to meet or exceed expectations on the quality of work we produce.

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While maintaining our customer relations on the machine shop side, We noticed that we really had a demand for fabrication capabilities. We brought on board some new employees and a few pieces of equipment to start and it has grown from there. What started as a few coupling guards and ladders has grown into a full field service/ Fabrication division.

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Our field machining capabilities have been built on the job shop roots we started with. Whether you are looking for an in-house company to handle anything from stud removal to gasket faces and pump bases or if you have a one time need arise on a piece of equipment you cant spare the down time to remove from the field. We are more than ready and capable of handling any task that could arise.

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To compliment our field maintenance and equipment services we have a department well equipped to perform anything from minor repairs to get you back going to full inspections and overhauls on used equipment. We have several years of experience handling anything from fan gear boxes to multi stage vertical and split case pumps.

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We have established a well equipped clean room to handle all lapping and polishing work. We have experience in meeting or exceeding any flatness or finish requirements that may be required on your parts. We will establish a process to efficiently get the results required to make sure it meets the expectations no matter how extreme the process is.

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