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Field Machining

Our field machining capabilities have been built on the job shop roots we started with. Whether you are looking for an in-house company to handle anything from stud removal to gasket faces and pump bases or if you have a onetime need arise on a piece of equipment you can’t spare the down time to remove from the field. We are more than ready and capable of handling any task that could arise; including inspecting and reworking pressure energized seals in the field. We know the importance of maintaining turnaround schedules and will work with you to handle any projects as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We have equipment trailers ready to roll at all times for emergency projects that arise when you can’t sacrifice any time. While building the field base on the machining side we are also well equipped to handle your millwright needs for anything from installation work and alignments to general equipment maintenance. We are happy to look at any project and establish the most efficient and cost-effective route to get the customer the end result they are looking for!

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