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Tri-Tex Manufacturing, LLC, has served Southeast Texas since 2003. Tri-Tex satisfies customer requirements for machining and manufacturing of precision parts and modification and/or repair of industrial equipment for the petrochemical industry. A large range of machinery, skills and experience enables our shop to handle your metalworking, fabricating and repair needs in order to produce quality parts, modifications or repairs on a per job basis.

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3850 Pheasant Street Orange, Texas 77630

Tri-Tex Manufacturing, LLC is a family owned and oriented company. Unlike most job shops, we have a low turnover rate and pride ourselves on growing our capabilities not only as individuals but together as a company. While we are steady pushing to expand our knowledge and capabilities, we work together to handle any obstacle that may come up on any project. We started as a one-man Job shop with very minimal equipment. We were able to grow and expand quickly due to our commitment to provide quality work in a timely manner. While steadily growing the job shop side we began to push into production machinery as needed to be able to handle the growing need for the capabilities. While being aware that growing too fast can be the downfall of any great company we have been able to smoothly transition into the organization we are today.

Our commitment to providing quality work is our strongest value. Like anyone else we want to be proud of any product we put our name on and that has always been a key requirement on any project. We will not cut corners at the sacrifice of a quality part. While we know time is unbelievably valuable, we make sure to meet the required timeline and still produce a part that will exceed your expectations.

While steadily growing our machine shop side, we ran into the need to establish a fabrication division. This has turned into a great asset to our company and allowed us to accomplish much more as a team. It has been extremely helpful in keeping more of the work under the same roof and cutting out the need to sub pieces of a project out. Which in turn reduces the time spent between facilities and also reduces the overall cost, providing the customer with the most efficient and cost-effective turnaround.

To accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customers we have become a diversified field commodity as well. As the need arose, we would adapt as a company to be able to handle any project no matter how big or small it is in the field. Whether it is install and bolt up work, preventative maintenance on rotating equipment, or field machining on critical equipment, we are equipped and experienced to handle it all.

We hope to continue to grow and handle all our existing and new customers needs while still maintaining the core values that brought us to the position we are in today!


Tri-Tex Manufacturing provides troubleshooting, maintenance & repair involving machinery & equipment.


Tri-Tex Manufacturing provides high quality services you need and want a machine shop to offer.


Our facility Tri-Tex Manufacturing is dedicated to getting you the custom materials you need.

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